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Chris Dorris
CEO, Chairman of the Board

Chris Dorris has a long track record of building successful products and companies. He began his career in leadership with service in the United State Air Force. Immediately following, he founded a directional drilling company in Texas and grew the company into a thriving small business with 30 employees and $1 million in assets. In 2001, Chris sold the company and embarked on a career in the home construction industry, joining D.R. Horton as a program manager and winning several awards. Three years later, he cofounded Woodridge Homes as vice president of operations, developing land and homes in North Houston. He was subsequently awarded the Key to the City. His experiences in the industry led him to write and publish "Dealing with Builders."

In 2006, Chris transitioned to the energy sector and co-founded an oil field technology company, RigMinder, to produce and market a gamma logging instrument, and a full oil rig monitoring package. He designed and implemented the production and assembly system for all the RigMinder products and managed all the marketing and business development of the company. Five years later, Chris joined New Frontier Innovations LLC as vice president of operations, and established the Denver office. He managed customers and overseas operations of the company as a contractor to the Department of Defense. Within the first year, he grew the number of engineering services cadre from three to 11, and the number of pilot/sensor cadre to more than 35. During this time he was responsible for all aspects of the company including hiring, interviewing, and managing personnel, communicating with customers, managing embassy relations and managing operations in four countries.

During 2012, Chris founded New Frontier Global to serve private sector customers in the non-classified government engineering services, oil, and gas and agribusiness industries. He developed and carried out a complex and detailed business plan to present to potential investors and led the development of long-range planning and the formulation of the company objectives. Within the first 12 months, the company generated more than $1 million in revenue.

Kane Smith
President, Director

Kane Smith comes to Global Remote Technologies with more than a decade of accomplishment-laden experiences including management of multiple oil and gas projects, general construction projects, and various positions and duties with the Army. He holds a Bachelor of Science in applied science from Campbell University and graduated from the Harvard Business School Owner President Management Program in 2013. In 1997, Kane joined the Army and progressed through several positions in the infantry before being selected to serve as a medic in Special Operations. In 2002, he deployed with 1st Battalion, 5th Group as a medical sergeant. From 2003 to 2005, he served as a freefall parachutist for the United States Army Special Operations Command parachute team and was a public affairs representative for the entire USASOC, which included supporting public affairs guidance to Commanding General, Lt. Gen. Philip Kensinger, and Gen. Doug Brown.

Kane left the Army in 2005 and served as a foreign service officer with the Department of State until late 2012. He successfully completed several assignments in various programs with duties ranging from medical officer to personal protection services for President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Senator Arlen Specter, Senator Joseph Lieberman, and several congressional appointments. Other duties included managing multiple infrastructure projects to include airfields, facilities, hospitals, base fortifications, and oil & gas assets.

Kane founded North American Energy in 2014 after completing several years of independent consulting assignments as a Health, Safety and Environment/Health, Safety, Security and Environment safety supervisor and inspector for EXCO, DXP, Access Midstream, DHW Oilfield Services, New Field Resources, and Chesapeake Energy.

Rebecca Kingery

Rebecca brings to Global Remote Technologies over 20 years of accounting services experience. Ms. Kingery is the founder and president of RMK Accounting Solutions which provides a variety of accounting and financial services to small businesses, specializing in assessing client accounting requirements and developing innovative solutions to meet corporate goals and objectives.

Prior to establishing her own accounting business, Ms. Kingery provided accounting services to a number of agencies which specifically included, but is not limited to, the United States Government accounting and contracting arena. Ms. Kingery was the comptroller for a $109M division of a major defense contractor where she had primary responsibility for contract administration and financial management of contracts, liaison between the customer and other corporate entities and subcontractors in the performance of contract. In addition, she oversaw the corporate budget consolidation process, as well as the preparation of any annual forecasts and quarterly revisions; monitored the accounting department spending and assisted in the transition and implementation to a new ERP system.

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Joe Becker

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Joe Becker concluded his military service in 2009 as chief of staff of Joint Special Operations Command, Fort Bragg, N.C.

Joe earned his commission through the Air Force ROTC program at San Diego State University in 1982 and later earned his pilot's license at Fort Rucker, Ala., in October 1983. He began his career as a combat rescue helicopter pilot and transitioned to special operations in 1987. He served in every MH-53 special operations squadron in the Air Force and commanded at the squadron, group, expeditionary wing and joint special operations air component levels. Joe was also selected as the Air Force liaison officer to both Navy and Army special mission units. During the 1989 invasion of Panama, he flew as the airborne mission commander on the first combat mission of an MH-53 helicopter, and as aircraft commander on numerous subsequent missions.

He held staff positions at a theater special operations component and the Joint Special Operations Command. During these assignments, he served as a rotary wing planner for the integration of a joint special operations task force on the USS America during contingency operations in Haiti, served as the officer in charge of the European Survey and Assessment Team for missions in Syria, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus, and Liberia, and was the chief of combat plans for a joint special operations task force during the NATO bombing campaign against Serbia. Joe served several tours in Southwest Asia as director of operations, an air component commander for a joint task force, and as an expeditionary special operations wing commander.