Coaching Mentoring.
Pairing new operators with veteran industry consultants in a thorough training environment to produce versed operators in the industry.
Learning the correct way, from the very start. Veteran instructors with years of experience in the field are the key to getting the next generation of oil and gas workers, up-to-speed and learning on the job. Getting everyone on the same page from the start, means higher productivity and better teamwork on the job.
Global Remote Technologies coaching and mentoring program merges experienced industry consultants with incoming or inexperienced operators. Within a closely monitored coaching and mentoring environment, the new operator has opportunities to learn from the more experienced consultant. The ultimate goal of the coaching and mentoring program is for the inexperienced operator to grow into a well-rounded, field-trained operator who is truly ready to transfer to the next step when management opportunities arise.

By integrating Global Remote Technologies' structured mentoring programs into existing talent management strategies, clients will create a system of continuous knowledge transfer that can help avert the skills gap, enhance employee engagement, and maximize human capital.