Downstream Operations.
Specialists in consulting, training, auditing, and more, advance downstream operations.
Successful product yield
relies on accurate procedures. Connect the critical final steps in resource production with GRT’s downstream specialists. Company technicians verify process, equipment safety and accuracy.
Comissioning Plants.
GRT staff verifies operations comply with design specifications. Company engineers remain on site until project completion, regardless of project duration.
Industrial Technical Resources.
GRT's staff of writers, operators, and technicians help to support client facilities either in the field as part of a management team or as individual personnel attachment in every stage of downstream operation from design to implementation.

Coaching and Mentoring.
Operators new to their career are paired with veteran industry consultants in a program that creates a thorough training environment to produce versed operators in the industry.

Process Safety Management.
GRT experts can create, maintain, and manage a comprehensive process safety management program, or support a client's existing program to ensure compliance with OSHA standards.
Comissioning Plants. Industrial Technical Resources. Coaching and Mentoring. Process Safety Management.
Inspection Services.
GRT's certified specialists in quality and safety help to ensure plant turnarounds, maintenance, or shutdown inspections happen smoothly and efficiently.

Turnaround Services.
GRT's trained teams coordinate turnaround or shutdown operations during critical events and ensure every step in the process is accurately executed.

GRT's technical staff deploys aerial photography, ground penetrating radar and Lidar technology to gather information above, at, and below ground level to create a complete situational awareness scenario for the customer.

Clients can maintain connectivity with the compact T-2 portable communications package, which uses alternative energy sources to power the device.
Inspection Services. Turnaround Services. Kestrel. T2.
The T-3 portable communications package offers the same voice and data connectivity as the T-2, but bridges a large group of users at once, while still maintaining its portability and light weight.