Turnaround Services.
Trained teams coordinate turnaround or shutdown operations during critical events and ensure every step in the process is accurately executed.
Plan, coordinate and execute.
each step accurately. GRT fields the finest turnaround planners and coordinators available. With decades of success, they understand exactly what is neccessary to minimize down time and insure quick recoveries.
Whether for a small outage/TAR, emergency repair, capital project tie-ins, or major TAR or shutdown, Global Remote Technologies has the management and staffing expertise to safely, successfully and efficiently execute these time-critical events. GRT support staffing for TARs/outages is carefully selected by taking into account the equipment coming out of service as well as the scope of work necessary. GRT professionals are matched by personnel whose background and certifications best qualify them for the job.

With decades of successful experience, Global Remote Technologies has the finest turnaround planners and coordinators available. They work closely with clients to develop implementation plans that commence far in advance of the TAR start date and include post-project performance reviews. GRT's turnaround teams follow a disciplined, multi-phase approach to planning, scheduling, staffing and executing turnarounds in a timely and cost effective manner.

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