Ditch Demon.
Superior particle collection that protects pumps and increases drilling speed.
Advanced particulate filtering through aerospace technology. Part of GRT's many turn-key solutions, the Ditch Demon is light weight and easy to use, and markedly increases collection efficiency with vortex generation technology.
Most drilling rigs use passive magnetic based particle collectors that are heavy and require cranes to lift and position them. They only collect particles from the ditch bottom and miss as much as 36% of the metal particles suspended in the mud column near the surface, leaving the pumps vulnerable to damage and costly delays.

Global Remote Technologies' Ditch Demon collector is easy to use and lighter weight than competitive models, and dramatically improves the drilling process and protects pumps by collecting more efficiently. The technology that separates the Ditch Demon from traditional collectors was inspired by GRT's aerospace engineering experience. It uses vortex generation to actively force particle collection by utilizing the existing mud flow. As seen from the bottom-up view, the shape of the turbulence generators mimics the design of an aircraft tail wing.

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