Upstream Operations.
The people, technologies, and equipment to support global drilling operations in any terrain.
Excel drilling operations with connectivity and technology. Exceeding the demanding standards for safety and efficiency in the field, Global Remote Technologies provides customized solutions with some of the most advanced drilling tools in the oil and gas resources industry today.
The Company's wireless Prospector data collection system provides end users with remote monitoring for critical equipment from anywhere and any time.
Ditch Demon.
Inspired by aerospace technology, the collector is engineered to pick up particles in the mud column as well as the ditch bottom, protecting pumps and improving the drilling process.

GRT's technical staff deploys aerial photography, ground penetrating radar and Lidar technology to gather information above, at, and below ground level to create a complete situational awareness scenario for the customer.

Clients can maintain connectivity with the compact T-2 portable communications package, which uses alternative energy sources to power the device.
Prospector. Ditch Demon. Kestrel. T2.
The T-3 portable communications package offers the same voice and data connectivity as the T-2, but bridges a large group of users at once, while still maintaining its portability and light weight.