Monitor filed equipment's every critical detail, from one organized display.
Know the status of field equipment with detailed, continuous reporting. Prevent complications before they arise with GRT Prospector's real-time updates, collected and exported for 24/7 access and analysis online.
Prospector is a wireless, sensor based, persistent monitoring and data mining system. It combines real-time critical monitoring of vital information such as fluid levels, temperatures, engines, safety equipment, drilling equipment, and compliance sensors, in one user friendly package. This information is collected and exported offsite to a centralized server where it is processed and viewed using a web-based interface.

Prospector integrates with existing site sensors and adds sensors that are missing, then transmits telemetry from pipeline, drilling sites, and production sites to a central server where it is viewed in the Prospector web interface and is constantly monitored to prevent future failures.

Operations supported:

· Drilling Rigs
· Coiled Tubing Rigs
· Production sites
· Fracking sites
· Midstream sites

Because Prospector provides meticulous and relevant data tracking, key staff can detect early warnings, increase response time, mitigate risks to personnel and equipment, and generally lower non-productive time.

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