Midstream Operations.
Focus on preeminent tasks with GRT support staff assisting in pipeline operations, inspection and review services.
Experience and technology specialized in safety. Whether supporting new construction or over haul projects, the professionals at GRT ensure a safe environment for pipeline operations in the field with many specific roles including inspectors, writers, trainers and more.
Comissioning Pipelines.
Commissioning services are tailored to meet clients' individual project needs according to pipeline materials and location.
Industrial Technical Resources.
Writers, operators, and technicians support client projects in the field as management teams or as individual personnel attachments in every stage of midstream operations from design to implementation.

Staff Capabilities.
Complete midstream projects faster with direct support from GRT's certified inspectors and specialists. The Company's personnel safety and quality during construction or repair of piping, tanks, and more.

Pipeline Safety Professionals.
GRT's safety support services helps clients keep midstream projects on schedule and ensures pipeline construction or repairs meet industry safety standards.

Comissioning Pipelines. Industrial Technical Resources. Staff Capabilities. Pipeline Safety Professionals.
GRT's technical staff deploys aerial photography, ground penetrating radar and Lidar technology to gather information above, at, and below ground level to create a complete situational awareness scenario for the customer.

Clients can maintain connectivity with the compact T-2 portable communications package, which uses alternative energy sources to power the device.

The T-3 portable communications package offers the same voice and data connectivity as the T-2, but bridges a large group of users at once, while still maintaining its portability and light weight.

Kestrel. T2. T3.