Pipeline Safety Professionals.
The certified specialists at GRT ensure safe processes during new construction or complete rebuilds.
Certified specialists ensuring safe and regulated construction. GRT's safety professionals provide training, implement programs, record safety procedures, and liaise with outside safety departments to create and maintain safe conditions.
Global Remote Technologies is a world leader in providing pipeline safety professionals and safety inspection services; from ground-level new projects, to major overhauls. GRT provides support globally for new construction projects, maintenance rehabilitation, major pipeline overhauls, compressor and pump station construction, and to all oil & gas related activities. With GRT's support, the client's project staff can focus on their primary duties without distraction.

GRT's safety professionals are highly skilled and trained, each with years of experience working worldwide in the safety industry and they seek to exceed our clients' expectations in every project. Each professional is qualified to perform safety inspections, implement an accident prevention program, and administer, audit, and create Health, Safety and Environmental policies, procedures and programs. They support clients' projects on site and prioritize completion by promoting safe work procedures, observing work shifts, recording safety procedures, and liaising with on-site safety departments. Additionally, GRT's safety professionals are certified to train personnel in First Aid, CPR and AED, and can perform these duties if an event occurs.

GRT's safety professionals are respected among leading pipeline industries and can be trusted to minimize the potentially hazardous environment associated with pipeline construction and rehabilitation. Customers can decide whether to have the safety inspectors present at every stage of a project or brought in to oversee only a specific phase.

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